Who I Am

I’m gregarious, generous, galvanizing; okay, wait that’s a lot of G’s. I’m long winded so I’ll make this short. My name is Leon Brewington Jr. I’m a crusader for all things Richmond; my hometown plays a highly impressionable role in my life. Family and friends are my beginning and end. Maintaining my health is a form of wealth. I am an avid lover of footwear, fashion, and sports. Burningly passionate about creativity and its various facets. From an early age, I always gravitated toward artistic stimulation.  I view creativity as a vehicle to positively impact the lives of various cultures and ethnicities while serving as a common bonding point between these diverse groups.  Most importantly, the future possibility of managing and guiding brands wakes me up in the mornings. Each day, I enjoy having the opportunity to move one step closer to becoming a Creative Brand Manager. 


What I Do

That’s a very general question so I will address the specifics. Conversation is my forte; verbal wordsmithing is my favorite pastime. Additionally, relatability is my essence. Understanding people is my earth’s axis. I am extremely autodidactic; If I have the capability to teach myself a skill, I won’t wait for someone else. This attitude drove me to become proficient in brand management, graphic designing, and photography. I am a challenge junkie. Pressure makes me thrive. It either busts pipes or makes diamonds and in my case, I have expensive taste. Consequently, these qualities fuel my greatest assets: leadership and rationality. Through several organizational roles in college and in the workplace, I cultivated my brand of leadership. Clear communication, a sense of situational understanding, and a proactive approach to problem-solving are all key aspects of my leadership philosophy.  When I am faced with a demanding obstacle, rationality allows me to deduce the issue at hand, and strategically develop an adequate solution to resolve said issue.